Cairns Weather is a private sited, that is owned by VK4AA for the benefit of the Amateur Radio Community
We hope you find the information useful. This station is located in Manoora, a suburb of the city of Cairns.
Cairns is located in Far North Queensland.  This information appears on the APRS system under the call of VK4AA-5. We also operate the local UHF DSTAR node on 438.325 -5.4

Current Conditions


Temp Humidity Wind Gust Rain Barometer
Temperature %temp% %maxtemp% at %maxtempt%
%mintemp% at %mintempt%
%tempchangelasthourmetric% °C /hr
Humidity %hum%% %highhum% at %highhumt%
%lowhum% at %lowhumt%
Pressure %baroinmetric% hPa %highbaro% at %highbarot%
%lowbaro% at %lowbarot%
%trend% /hr
Wind %avgspd%   %dirlabel% Last hour: %maxgsthr%
Max day: %maxgst% %maxgstdirectionletter%
Rain %dayrn% Number of Days since it last rained: %dayswithnorain%
Month Rain: %monthrn%
%hourrn% /hr
%totalrainlast3hours% /3 hr
Feels Like:
%feelslike% °C
Dew Point:
Total Rain for 2014:
Cloud Height:
%cloudheightmeters% m